Script bounty (claimed): Copy and paste release relationships

Kia ora! There’s some stuff I want to do but I’m being held back from doing it because I’ll have to add a bunch of release relationships multiple times across releases (audiobooks in this case).

The requirement is a script that lets me copy release relationships from one release to another.

edit: works with @loujin’s script! Congrats! The examples above now both have the same relationships :heart_eyes:

I imagine this would either involve a ‘copy relationships’ and a ‘paste relationships’ button on release pages, or perhaps a ‘enter release url’ field to copy to or from. But there may be a better way of doing it.

The bounty for a this script is 100USD from me xmas gift fund :+1: (CLAIMED)


Ha, what a coincidence, you’re dreaming the same (MB editor) dream :joy:
Guess what kind of userscript I’ve been working on lately… I’m not done yet, but here’s a quick teaser:

The userscript can automatically pre-fill relationship dialogs with “spoken vocals” artist-release relationships (one click instead of five). It also allows you to imports voice actor credits from Discogs releases and automatically maps Discogs artists to MB artists if they are already linked to MB.

Currently it is limited to voice actor and narrator credits only (because the area of impact/potential damage is limited and adding these manually is a PITA). But I already have plans to extend the mapping to other types of credits and also allow other data sources (I selected Discogs because they have lots of voice actor credits) including copying from other releases on MB and parsing of plain text credits.

I’ll let you know when I have stable version to test. The script is already working but it is currently limited to one unknown artist per second (MB API rate limit), so I would like to introduce a cache for the Discogs-MB mapping. Also I want it to make suggestions to add the Discogs links to manually matched artists (artist editor seeding) to speed up future imports of credits for these artists.

P.S. Importing the credits which can be seen in the screenshot took me less than 30 seconds, although the majority of artists were not mapped. That’s why I have not submitted the edits (in case you are wondering). And I still have to implement splitting of multiple roles per artist.


I’ve used this to clone Recording to Recording: Could crib some ideas…

Something that will go from Release to Release would be useful


I’ve actually written and been using my own version of this:

I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I think I have most of the bugs ironed out. It’ll import track/work and release level relationships where those artists, labels exist in Musicbrainz. It’s by no means perfect but it’s helped speed up editing for me a lot!


I updated that script (version 2021.12.31) to be able to clone release relationships too. As for the recording relationships there is no detection of duplicates so they should still be removed before entering the edit


Amazing!! Just tested and works like a dream.

Please email me (via MusicBrainz) with your preferred method of payment, probs paypal but can be vouchers or something, lemme know xo

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I know that @aerozol, me and others are already happy to have the script to clone relationships between MB releases, but here is my new userscript as promised:


I tested your script with the following Discogs release against

It seems it doesn’t honour backing vocals, for example I get only “vocals”

although Discogs has

    • Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Soozie Tyrell

and it skips

  • Post Production – Brad Serling, Micah Gordon
  • Liner Notes – Erik Flannigan