Userscript to add and import voice actor credits

Discussion and support thread for my new userscript:

Voice Actor Credits

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  • Simplifies the addition of “spoken vocals” relationships (at release level) by providing a pre-filled dialogue in the relationship editor.
  • Imports voice actor credits from linked Discogs pages.
  • Automatically matches artists whose Discogs pages are linked to MB (unlinked artists can be selected from the already opened inline search).
  • Caches Discogs to MBID mappings (to reduce API calls) and collects mappings for freshly matched artists (which were chosen by the user)
  • Shows links to seed artist edit pages with the Discogs URLs for these new matches.

That “install” button doesn’t do anything on my Greasmonkey \ Vivaldi setup. Source is also a duff button. Can you supply linkies?

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Sorry for that, I had explicitly copied these image links from my README on GitHub to be sure to make no mistakes, but I forgot that these are relative links :joy:
They should work now, I have converted them into absolute links. Thanks for the hint.

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My browser monkey says it works now. I am a good tester who can break anything. :joy:


…thank you soooooooo much :grin:

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It’s been a long time since I had announced any new userscript features in this thread, so I’m going to do that today:

Parse voice actor credits from text

In addition to importing voice actors from Discogs, you can also parse them from almost any text source now. Actually, this feature has been available for months, but I haven’t seen anyone (besides me) using it yet.
Below are a few example lines which work out of the box:

Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Narrator - John Doe
Women at the Station	Jane Doe

Using the advanced configuration option Credit separator, the parser can deal with any kind of separator, as long as each line contains the name of the actor and the name of their role. Actors and roles can also be in reverse order, simply hold SHIFT while clicking the button to swap them.

Once you’ve matched an artist entity for a given artist name the first time, the script remembers that and will no longer ask you to select an artist again. That probably sounds familiar to the users of my copyright parser script, both scripts share the same mapping cache and the UI:

Support for the new releationship editor

For those who are/were already testing the new React relationship editor on the beta server, I’ve released a new version (of the userscript) today which also supports the beta server (in addition to the old relationship editor on the regular production servers). The new code is basically an almost complete rewrite as a lot of internals of the new relationship editor work differently, so feel free to test it.

Without the help of @Bitmap, who has implemented almost all the “userscript backdoors” in MBS for which I had asked (e.g. exposing the functions to create relationship dialogs), porting the userscript would not have been possible at all. Thanks a lot!