Same barcode on different releases?

In trying to find any info on the first release here, which has some strange inconsistencies between track titles and lengths, I discovered that this other release has the same barcode. Both are from Sony Classical.

What is the most likely explanation? Somebody made a typo?

Most likely there’s just 2 different releases. It isn’t just a typo when there’s a DiscID added by the same editor who added the release. There’s a duration differences because last tracks have recordings of totally different work(s). This compilation is having recording of “Missa pro Defunctis”. Some other releases by Schola Cantorum Amsterdam are having this same work with same track durations. Seems that release artist is correct.

We can’t be totally sure if barcode is correct. I already fixed another release which was incorrectly having this same barcode.

Yeah, I don’t have any way to check the barcode.

Here’s the thing with the track lengths:

#1-4 match other releases with the same recordings, no problem there.

#5-22 lengths match my CD, which matches the link I put in the annotation. But the track titles given DON’T match either of those (and some of the same tracks are listed, in different positions, so it’s not that they’re just titled differently).

#23-31 appear to be the same as the “Totenmasse” here (different translation of Requiem, from what I can tell), but the track lengths are all one track off. (Totenmesse - Introitus matches Missa pro Defunctis: Kyrie, etc)

So something’s screwy there, but we’ll probably never know exactly what.

Tracklist which matches current DiscID on FreeDB has also this one track off mistake: an alternativ place for the free CD database to make sure it stays free. .

I’ve put all of this analysis in the annotation…

I’m just too curious and now bought a CD from Ebay which matches with this barcode. I have no idea what CD will arrive because Ebay didn’t have any art or track titles. Only description was the name “Various : Musique Sacree CD”. Will update this topic when it arrives from UK to Finland.


Lol, I look forward to finding out, too!

That’s the fun kind of things we are doing because of MusicBrainz. :sunglasses:


Yes. Because we all really need more reasons to buy CDs.

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For unknown CD yes.
I don’t need more reasons for known CD, I already buy too many, unreasonably. :slight_smile: Even if no shelves left at home.

Mystery solved! 3 CD box set arrived to Finland. It seems original editor added only first 2 discs and as separate releases. There was a little mess because tracklist printed on sleeve doesn’t match with disc content (CD2: 30 vs 32 tracks). I was able to fix the tracklist with the help of AcoustID and by listening and comparing to recordings found from other releases by the same artists.

Scans of the release are here.


Perhaps you should say so in release annotation so that nobody will try and fix the release from scans. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. Never would have guessed!