Two Releases, same barcode (Doctor Who Series 7)

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Hey all,

my problems loosely resembles the post “Same barcode on different release”, but is different

I’ve bought the CD “Doctor Who Series 7“, listed under “Murray Gold”, and the track lengths differ for five tracks (CD2- 13-17), even though the barcode equals.

The tracklist on Amazon for this particular CD matches the lengths given in the current entry as well as the barcode of my CD.

Looking at freedb, there are two different CD2-s, the one matching the tracklist on amazon and in the DB as well as the AutoRip-Version, and one matching the CD I actually hold in my hands.

How should one act in such a situation? Create a new release, same EAN, with the four recordings being different, and the correct discID attached?
Or is there someone out there who actually owns the “other” release of this CD and who can double-check that the EAN really is matching?


It looks like a good plan to me. Adding a full scan to Cover Art tab would be very useful too.

Release group: “Doctor Who: Series 7: Original Television Soundtrack

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Looks like there’s a few people in the edit history in the release group - I would leave notes for them and see if you can ask if anyone can check.

Keep in mind that MB sometimes has bad information, particularly with DiscID’s (because they’re easy for users who don’t care about specific editions to save to the wrong version, and also because in the past we stored DiscIDs with release groups and at some point migrated them to ALL releases (pretty sure?)). So if you have a copy in hand and the edit history is suspicious/non responsive, I think it’s sometimes ok to throw out unverifiable information.
But that should be a last resort :slight_smile:

edit: scans are definitely awesome, because then you could check and make sure that your copy is actually EXACTLY the same as the other one. Will help the next person who comes along immensely!