Same album with different title - different Release Group?

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I have found a thread with a similar problem. This album was re-released with a different title and it was decided to be part of the same Release Group.

But mine is a little bit different:
Irakere originally released “Culpa Del Guao” on Vinyl in 1987:

In 1989 this album was re-released on CD with another title and 3 additional tracks, taken from previous releases:

Same cover art except title, but there are no bonus tracks credited as such and they are completely integrated, including lyrics and translations in the booklet. Only on the back inlay are release years added to these songs.

I must admit, it is no MB problem at the moment (there’s only the re-release), but possibly I will change that. If it’s still the same RG, I would create the original release as well. (for a correct release date)

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Definitely the same RG imo! Since the core “album” is the same.