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Could someone merge the 2 digital releases here Release group “Angels & Queens” by Gabriels - MusicBrainz to the 12 + 13 tracks version? They are actually the same but cannot do it in one time due the different mediums entered.


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I did it, you can review. :slight_smile:

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Some votes on this merge Edit #101962352 would be welcome.

2 easy fixes needed, someone has mixed up the famous grunge band with the more obscure UK band from 60s:

Forwarding a request from IRC about a Japanese release with English translations:

Looking for feedback on this change, not convinced this format is correct until someone confirms

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Big cleanup for a pseudo-release that got its recordings jumbled. Most have been approved but one recording is still up for voting.

Someone uploaded lots of tampered cover art that’s either clearly incorrect, has watermarks with the user’s name or other issues. More than 1000 edits have already passed unfortunately and need to be checked, another 100+ are still open.

I’ve made two collections for clean-up purposes. The first one includes all releases where that editor added images, the other lists the remaining releases to be checked:

If you want to help clean up I can add as you as a collaborator so you can remove a release once it’s checked. The other collection can then be used for voting.



I would appreciate some votes for merging these identical releases Edit #102689080 - MusicBrainz. The duplicate was created by mistake during automatic import.


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Hello, can I have some opinions on Edit #102514480 - MusicBrainz

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Some votes are needed to clean up Ben Thompson:

Someone just added all these dupe recordings from a newly released compilation.
I need help in closing these merges quickly or they will all fail cause even the targets are all dupes that I’m merging as well!!
Thanks everybody!

Next time try this nice medium split method, that generates much much less edits by keeping the existing recordings:

(two explanations of the same method)


(I thought of creating a new thread, but it’s probably not worth it)

release date taken from manufacturing date¹ → Edit #102920800 - MusicBrainz
justified or not?

I don’t usually do this and I don’t want to let it pass with nothing but abstentions.

¹) there are already many release dates on MB, referenced by a Discogs date, obviously derived from the manufacturing date, especially Sonopress :wink:


Need help with these edits. Thanks!

I think this maybe is the link for the rest of us? Yours has the condition “editor is me” and didn’t show me anything

Oops, sorry, didn’t know it worked that way lol

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This edit could use some more eyes/input :slight_smile:

edit: this regards changing later release/compilation tracklists (as printed) to match more comprehensive titles printed on earlier singles (also ‘what is considered error correction’)

Please write something in the posts that gives us context and reasons to click those transom edit links. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To explain what I mean, here is the latest “good post” example. :wink:

Update: But I don’t mean to be that complete. Just saying why votes would be welcome to an open edit in particular. :sweat_smile:


This tracklist resize needs to be applied instantly as TOC does not fit CD#3, thanks.

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