Requests for Votes Thread
could use some quick votes for this classic & instead of feat. mistake

Need votes on this merge edit:

Can you check out these edits? I’m separating the “Slim Thug version” from the “Bun B & Slim Thug version”, most of the releases are using the same recording, but they’re different.

Can I please get votes on these release merge edits:

Hello, it’s me again lol

So I’ve been expanding the spatial audio collection on MB by adding multiple Tidal releases, however, it came to my attention today that Tidal uses two different brands of spatial audio. Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio from Sony. The problem is that the platform doesn’t have an easy way to check which one it uses, but based on this playlist, I’ve been able to see a few artists and labels that use 360RA instead of Dolby Atmos and made several edits to fix my own mess.

TL;DR: Need votes for these edits correcting Sony 360 Reality Audio releases.

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How are you checking them? is Atmos, according to the Android app.

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More eyes/votes needed for this merge please.

(There is also a forum thread discussing this edit, here)

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I’ve added disambiguation comments to different recordings with the same title and similar length - and made a mistake - I confused recordings and added the disambiguation to the wrong recording. I corrected it in this edit:
Now I want to merge recordings and it’s complicated even without such misleading disambiguations.
I would be grateful for approval!


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Can I get some extra eyes on

I’m trying to split a remix relation credit to the individual artists, all that is left to do is to remove the collaboration artist relation.

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Can I get some people to look at this, there doesnt seem to be many/any active subscribers for the artist.

There’s a 2012 original release, and a 2014 re-release with different barcodes here, which should be separate as per Proposed (unofficial) digital media guidelines. The 2014 release is missing its barcode right now though which makes it unclear that it is an official re-release


hello! i’d like to get some eyes on this please. it’s an edit to change an artist name, but i haven’t fully decided whether it’d be better as a new artist entry or not

Need some votes to clean up Kiwii. There are 3 or 4 artists crammed in here.

When an album is all new recordings of a bands favourite tracks, is this a compilation?


No, it is a self cover album.

Compilation release group, is a compilation of previously released recordings, not previously released works.
But I know you know. :slight_smile:

I just found and fixed some incorrect featured artist handling, would love some votes for quicker closing:

And since I’m posting already, I have a few more open edits currently where I wouldn’t say no to more votes :smile:

Would be grateful for some votes for this artist name change:
She has several albums out under her new (transitioned) name which I would like to add, but it feels a bit disrespectful to add them under her old name and wait for the name change to go through…

Will change the older albums to “credited as”…

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Thanks folks, 'preesh!

Would be nice to have some votes on this media split:
Edit #101400724 - MusicBrainz to Edit #101400727 - MusicBrainz
EDIT: This one also belongs: Edit #101400989 - MusicBrainz

Requesting additional votes on Edit #101655284 - MusicBrainz, changing the name of the Metallica album work from “…and Justice for All” to “…And Justice for All”.

If any sort of consensus ever gets reached on this, I’d like to update Style / Language / English - MusicBrainz so that titles don’t keep getting switched back and forth.


Came across this release:

Seems to be sax arrangements, but each track has a new work credited as composed and arranged by the True Voices Sax Quartet. I’ve edited the works I’m familiar with to be arrangements of the originals, but if anyone wants to cast their eyes over the other ones…

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