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Not necessarily a voting request as rather a review one. I have just added a gargantuan, 52-track compilation commemorating 30th anniversary of Tresor label & club:
Release “Tresor 30” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz

I tried my best to match artists to our db as well as recreate title style, but with this many tracks I could make mistakes. If anyone’s willing to take a closer look, I would appreciate it.

Label source:
Tresor 30 | Various Artists | Tresor Records (

Other databases:
Tresor 30 (2021, File) - Discogs
Tresor 30 by Various Artists (Album, Techno): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

Physical media covers:
3.jpg (2000×2035) (
R-20245015-1634198135-6787.jpeg.jpg (600×600) (

Some press pack:
tresor-330-30-years-boxset-press-info.png (1200×1200) (

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Please, share your thought on this edit
Edit #83653339 - MusicBrainz

Same issue with the following edits

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i really want to add an album that uses the recordings in these / three / releases but i can’t until this edit to split some (audibly different) recordings goes through, can someone help me out with that? :pleading_face:

also, this isn’t urgent, but while i’m here… if anyone wants to look through and vote on these few edits where i messed up and put the wrong release date at first i’d be grateful!

Hello, I have a merge that could use votes: a 9-disc release that I made into separate releases, only having learned about multi-disc releases and merging partway through.

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I’ve found that Toby Turner (YouTuber, also known as Tobuscus) was credited with several credits from the 1929, long before he was born. I’ve already created Toby Turner (reeds player with Earl Hines) and duplicated the credits, if I could get an auto-editor to remove all the credits on Earl Hines (and his Orchestra) recordings (listed in link below), that’d be great~

edit: I went ahead and put in the edits I requested, if I could get some votes~

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I’ve run across what looks like a batch of vandalism edits to random things, made by the same editor. I’ve entered edits to revert them. If anyone else would like to look into these, to either corroborate the data or concur with its removal, here are some examples:


The editor has showed up to vote against all of the edits. I would appreciate some votes based on the (lack of) evidence:


I’d appreciate an AE removing these 18 bogus ISRCs I’ve just added by mistake, Search for Edits - MusicBrainz

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Done. Some more text to go over 20 char min

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Artist contributor on new account, wanting to merge all my things, gender transitions are hard but I’d like to have things squared away now I can take the music stuff more seriously.


So you were also the user @jarokn, to which you lost access?

i don’t need an approve vote, i’d just like more than one opinion on these edits. i’ve submitted them multiple times and the same single editor keeps downvoting them with no response/reasoning when requested.

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I agree that no votes should always come with edit notes. It’s impossible, otherwise.

By the way, you too, can you please add your reasoning/reference in these edit notes? :grin:
Maybe you did it in the original edits but they are not linked there and it’s better for a rename edit to be documented, anyway.


Yeah, well, 11 attempts in under 2 two months seems excessive.


(honestly, it seems like there has been more than 11, but that is all that appeared in the history)