Release versions & number of cover art images

A couple of questions about the right-click “other versions” menu: 1) In the case where there are many versions with the same tracks - and the files have no Release Country/Catalog #/etc. tags - how does Picard choose one? Does it just grab the first match?

  1. I don’t suppose there’s any way of seeing a list of all release versions with the number of cover art images included? (I’m guessing no, as art comes from multiple sources, and is probably calculated at lookup time, but even the versions results page on the website doesn’t show # of coverartarchive results.)

The context is that I’m tagging my entire collection, and in many cases there are several release versions that match. I generally don’t know or care if my files are tagged “US” or “EU” or whatever, I just pick the one with the most artwork. How do others deal with this situation?


Use the “Load in Browser” button and then walk around the website looking in more details.

Once you find your actual release, use the green TAGGER button to push the release you find back to Picard.

That list is being made up based on releases with the same numbers of tracks as the release initially matched.

Also: Get your head around “scripts” and how you can install Violent Monkey \ Tamper Monkey or similar addon and then use items like this to show the artwork in the web browser:

That still doesn’t give you a list of which one has the most artwork uploaded, but it narrows down your search so you can find where there are at least covers available.

(If you need help getting the script installed, just ask.)


It uses the one that best matches existing metadata and your settings in Options > Metadata > Preferred releases

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Also, one would think that you would compare the information from MusicBrainz to the information on your legally purchased item to get a bearing. For well-known artists there may indeed exist a large number of releases in different countries which all use the same recordings and don’t contain musch specific info on the back cover. In that case I also feel it doesn’t really matter what I tag my ripped files with.

Thanks for the tips. Maybe I can hack that user script to do what I want. (Just browsing the website scriptless seems like it may be no more efficient than loading each version in the Picard interface.)

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