ReinXeed and Tommy ReinXeed

I would like some feedback before doing a somewhat complex change.

The band ReinXeed recently changed its name to Majestica (
ReinXeed was founded by Tommy Johansson, and in this band, he used to perform under the name “Tommy ReinXeed”. There is currently a separate artist entry for Tommy ReinXeed.

In the past, I already considered merging Tommy Johansson and Tommy ReinXeed, because “Tommy ReinXeed” is not a music project by itself (the project is ReinXeed, the band). Also, I recently found that he contributed to some tracks under the name “Tommy ‘ReinXeed’ Johansson” (, which makes it hard to choose between the two.
Now, I think it becomes necessary to do this merge, because it is unlikely that he continues to perform as Tommy ReinXeed in Majestica. Otherwise, we will end up in a strange situation where Tommy ReinXeed was a member of Majestica until 2019 and that Tommy Johansson is a member since 2019.

So my plan is the following:

  • Merge Tommy ReinXeed into Tommy Johansson.
  • Change the name under which he is credited to “Tommy ReinXeed” for old ReinXeed albums (unless there is an option to keep the previous name while doing the merge?)
  • Rename ReinXeed to Majestica, add ReinXeed as an alias.
  • Change “Artist as credited” to ReinXeed for old albums.

Sounds OK?


You shouldn’t need to do this - unless the credits are specifically changed, the old credits will still be to ReinXeed after the artist itself has been renamed.

Otherwise, without knowing more about the artist, what you suggest seems sensible :slight_smile:


Similar to what @reosarevok said, you don’t need this step either - simply leave the checkbox “Update matching artist and relationship credits to use the new artist’s name” unchecked.


Thanks, then it should be simpler than I thought. I created to merge artists and to rename the band.

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I hope we will quickly have lots of Majestica releases… at least even one.
It will feel strange having artist A showing only B releases for a while. :slight_smile:

They released a single today ( and the first album as Majestica will be out on June 7th.

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