"Recording artist:" shown in Tracklist of Releases sometimes, even if equal to Track-Artist

It’s clear to me that MusicBrainz-website shows the “Recording artist:” in the Tracklist, if the artist credit of a track is different to the artist credit of the recording.
This is okay und it’s easy to see if there are differences.
However, you can not trust this information, it you see the recording artist also sometimes, where it is totally equal to the track artist.

E.g. https://musicbrainz.org/release/569d589a-6f00-4388-8ca6-54af5b5c91d6
For track 7 “Recording artist: Crispian St. Peters” is shown but it’s equal to the track artist.

  • Same UUID
  • Same “Artist as credited”, even if just the default name (= Artist Name) is used
  • Also a hex-compare shows no differences (e.g. normal space, normal period)

Why is this sometimes shown, even if it’s totally equal?
It would be fine to have it only if there are differences.

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More findings:

It’s an old bug:

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I reckon it’s because the artist credit is different from the Artist’s name (which is “Crispian Saint Peters”). It does seem a bit off though.

I filed this ticket:


Thx guys!

OK, I think, it’s because of the high normalized database.

However, I think it might be good to have different artist credits-records with the same value (name) merged. This shouldn’t be very complicated for an automatic merge. It’s a lot more effort to avoid such duplicates at online-editing.

No, the artist credit is the artist’s name (which is “Crispian St. Peters”)!
“Saint” is just in the sort name (which is also correct).

Yes. @reosarevok has given the correct reason in a response on the ticket: