Sometimes shows track artists even if same as release artist

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Does anyone understands why this release shows track artists for CD1 and CD2 although those are the same as release artist?

And why does that other release, which is almost the same, shows track artists for CD1 (same as release artist) although not for CD2?

OK I see why now…

I was hinted by this closed ticket:

Where @chirlu says it’s because the artist has two identical artist credits in

  • Deep Purple (1587)
  • Deep Purple (1258689)

This ticket is closed because the root bug is:


In the ticket, Tim said:

I guess if I want to remove the redundant Deep Purple AC, I could remove it forth and back.

And I guess the redundant AC is the one with the greatest row ID…

Please vote this pending edit, step 1 of 2 to get rid of this years long bug AC:

With this above edit, I am editing AC 1258689 from Deep Purple to Deep Purple* now.

Then I will rename AC 1258689 back from Deep Purple* to Deep Purple, which should hopefully merge it with earlier identical AC 1587.

I have now noticed the same kind of problem but without having duplicate AC and now on the artist page itself (with the list of release groups):

In this artist where all the release groups are by the artist itself and without any artist credits, there used to be no Artist column at all.
But now there is.

It could be a regression from a migration of the artist page to the new GUI framework, which I forgot the name, REACT or something.

Every artist in my subscriptions seems to have the artist column on the overview page, even those without any aliases or ACs. I don’t remember how long it has been like that, because I don’t even remember a time when this column wasn’t there … Half a year ago I wasn’t yet a MB user :innocent:

This seems likely, and yes, it’s React:

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