Quick and easy way to add Recording dates to Artists and Recordings

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So I added a classical Release or two.
And missed out adding the dates when the Artist was Recorded.

Is there a quick way to ad this info to all the track artists and Recordings in a Release?


Not that I’m aware of, but the paste-a-date user script helps


In the relationship editor, if you have SUPER TURBO script with TRACKLIST_TOOLS enabled, you can add dates to all checked recording‐work relationships (Editing menu > Set selected works’ recording dates).
Then you use the standard YYYY or YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD YYYY-MM-DD (for date range) formats.
It is a little buggy if one work is used several times and you don’t wan’t it to get the same date but it helps.

If you want to add dates on recording‐artist (instruments) relationships, you can use the same script to remove some of the current relationships (Editing menu > Remove recording relationships) then re‐add them with dates.
It’s a little bit cumbersome with many relationships I usually prefer editing them one by one… :confused:
Maybe @loujin has a better script for this case


Batch-propagate recording dates sounds like what you’re asking for :slight_smile:

Shameless plug for my old but still mostly relevant post:


NOW you lot tell me… I spent a weekend doing hundreds of these by hand. :rofl: One a double album. With multiple artists, and different dates or date range for each item…

I knew you script wizards would have a better way…:fairy: (Couldn’t find a wizard… so a fariy was the nearest thing with a wand…)