Questions about editing a classical re-release

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I’m preparing to add a release of Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss. This is a rerelease of a 1954 album that has two other versions already on musicbrainz:

My first question is the tracklist on the CD that I have is mostly in German, including the act numbers which are spelled out in German i.e.Erster Akt. I see that the other releases put the act numbers in English - should I do the same?

Second question - is it possible to avoid entering all of the information for this release a third time by piggybacking somehow on the other releases? I had to ask.

Finally - would my version of this release be entered into that release group? And how would I do that?

Any suggestions about things I’ve not thought of yet are welcome. Thanks!

Yes, go to the release group page and click on ‘Add release’ in the sidebar.

Go to the second tab of the ‘Add release’ page and select either of the other releases to use their tracklist as a base for your release.

No, use the language that is used on the release. Manually changing ‘Act’ to ‘Akt’ for each track will take a long time, so I suggest installing the mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO script which adds a Search>replace function to the tracklist editor.

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Kid_Devine, thank you for your very helpful and speedy reply! I’ve been interested in trying out scripts for a while but kind of scared and now you’ve given me the incentive to go ahead and do so. Thank you!