Problem reading AcoustID

trying to opening an acoustid from a release overview page gives the error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.


Yeah, I’m also having trouble submitting AcoustIDs via Picard:

E: 23:00:15,737 webservice._handle_reply:407: Network request error for Error transferring - server replied: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (QT code 401, HTTP code 500)
E: 23:00:15,738 acoustid.manager._batch_submit_finished:134: AcoustID: submission failed with error 'Error transferring - server replied: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR': internal error
D: 23:00:15,738 acoustid.manager._batch_submit:100: AcoustID: submitted all fingerprints

BTW, there is a small bug in Picard where even when submitting the AcoustIDs fails, the program still prints “AcoutsIDs successfully submitted.” in the status bar. The last log line quoted above also doesn’t make sense since the operation failed.

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I’ve been getting that since last night. Hopefully the site is just doing maintenance.

I noticed that too, so I entered a ticket for it.


This has been happening in Jaikoz since yesterday too. This would have been my next problem message regarding Acoustid.
Acoustid submission occurred, but is not synchronized with MB recordings.

I’ve been having issues submitting AcoustIDs since Saturday night (29th). And it looks like the stats page hasn’t updated since Sunday:

AcoustID has gone AWOL. You also can’t look anything up

Same here via http, always getting 500 error

This is getting a bit worrisome. Hasn’t anyone heard word of lukz yet?

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Appears to work again. Thanks!

Seems to work again
trying to opening an acoustid from a release overview page gives no error :smiley:
Acoustid submission occurred, and It is now synchronized with MB recordings. :smiley:
Only the Statistic Page isn’t up-to-date, actually the Daily additions

Thank you


Daily AcoustID additions are now up-to-date too:

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