Praise Worship Series how many are there

Praise Worship Series how many are there iv seen it in 3 different ways on albums they are all by the label Hosanna! Music but are different artists

so you have it this way on there sampler cds then you have it this way on Scott Wesley Brown’s Mission Of Praise album then you have it this way on some other albums such as Don Moen’s Christmas and you have it this way on some other albums such as Don Moen’s Give Thanks

And what is your question?

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How many Praise Worship Series are there do i put the sampler albums in there own or what?

Just add whatever you find. If it exists, it’s fair game as far as MB is concerned.


They will be many variations that get reissued each time the company changes name, gets sold on, repackaged.

The safest thing to do is only add releases that you have physically in your hands. It would get a bit close to guesswork to fill something in based on an item in an online shop.

After a while you will find a natural pattern to the series. But you will always have gaps as I doubt you will find a perfect “complete list” anywhere.

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i decided to have a look around a bit more it looks like up to 1990 they had this stile then they went to this stile in 1991.

then they may have 2 other series there live series with cover art like this
and there sampler albums with cover art like this
do you all think it would be fine to have the 3 or should i make them 1

there is a Praise Worship Series by the parant company by the same name and all most identical cover art

This is why you should focus only on what is in your hands.

ALL of the different versions would require different Releases. Differences in artwork mean different edition. So a separate release is required. It would still be in the same Release Group, probably shares a track list, but would have different label and dates.

The main differences in those release would show up on the spine and rear cover. There will be differences in bar codes as well.

This is also why a shop like Amazon is no use as a reference. Their artwork for second hand disks do not always match correctly.

When you have a physical product in your hands it is easy to scan it, upload it, describe it.

BUT the problem comes when you have a collection of digital files and no idea what the Real cover looks like. With a series like this it is now almost impossible for you to guess which cover is correct. And in MB eyes that means you have no cover you can upload as you don’t know which one is correct.

That is when you make a choice based on the information you do have to hand and fill in as much of a Release as possible.

As usual - a specific example would make this easier to describe. :slight_smile:


i think you dont understand im not talking about rereleases from what i can see there are none for the Series im talking about. Im talking about the Series and how the bit of art work on the front of the the albums is different. Praise Worship is the Series of albums but they seams to have Praise Worship witten 4 different ways it looks like one of them is just a change of stile but 2 others i think are a different Series i think one is a live Series that includes artist like hilsongs . and another one that is a complatoin ie is made up of songs from other albums on one album

You should really do as you think and things can be improved later if needed:

You can keep release groups into same series.

You can create 2 new release group series for them.



@st3v3p as the wise @jesus2099 says

Just wade in and make the changes you believe are true and then post them back here. We can then better assist to your goals when we have a clearer picture of what you are attempting to do.


this is what iv done
( Be Magnified is being removed from this one ^)

I am still a little lost here. Do you have other examples to add to these series?

i only have one of the albums it is called rejoice i have seen others for all of them while reaserching it and other albums that have been added with a bot with lots of missing info. discogs has some of them

Okay. That explains some of the confusion that is starting to appear. :slight_smile:

You can’t really be sure what is which series. I think what you are looking at here is all the same series, but the artwork changes as they repackage and re-release these same albums again and again over the decades.

Look closer at this one. Check the edit history.

Look carefully at the link you were using to update the MB Release. Scroll down to the track list.

The problem here is the version on MB has a DIFFERENT list to the one you were using as a reference. Scroll down the page you were using as a reference and you’ll see track 6 changes, and then the last few tracks have different names and order. That makes it a different Release to the one MB had.

This means the one you found is a different Release to the version already here at MB. So the one you found should be a new Release in the same Release Group as the one you edited.

The different names and order of tracks is why the Release is different.

This is why it is very difficult to use second hand shops to fill in the missing items for these. Especially as shops will rarely have accurate details. Even Hosanna! probably don’t have accurate details due to the number of times buyouts will have changed the catalogue.

It is also why so much fuss is made over having a “Disc in hand” and uploading Real Scans as some of the best source material. :slight_smile:

Now you have started to use scripts, add this one in:

And then when you click on the Hosanna Music! page it makes it much easier to find other members of the series you are trying to make.

If you start making the series from what is already here at MB then you’ll be able to better work out what should and should not be in it.

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it looks the same to me maybe im missing something can you point out the different tracks btw i forgot to add the album art it is here

images are uploaded

Track list as Be Magnified! appears here at MB:

1	Santuary 
2	Let the Heavens Rejoice 
3	We Praise You Jesus 
4	Let the Heavens Rejoice (reprise) 
5	I Belong to a Mighty God 
6	Lord, We Pray 
7	The Apostle's Creed 
8	He Reigns 
9	How Great is Your Goodness 
10	A Place at Your Altar 
11	Lord I Thirst For You 
12	More Love, More Power 
13	Be Magnified 
14	Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus 

Here is the track list from your reference page as pasted in the edit notes:

1. Sanctuary
2. Let the Heavens Rejoice
3. We Praise You Jesus
4. Let the Heavens Rejoice (Reprise)
5. I Belong to a Mighty God
6. Let Your Kingdom Come
7. The Apostle's Creed
8. He Reigns
9. How Great Your Love
10. A Place at Your Altar
11. I Thirst For You Lord
12. More Power More Love
13. Be Magnified
14. Stand up For Jesus

I spotted the Sanctuary typo and corrected it… and then noticed more differences.

Look at tracks 6,9,11,14 and they all have different variations of the track names compared with what we have here.

ARGH!! It is the stupid shop website wasting our time. (Though kinda proves a different point). That list above is from the text on the page… but when I look at the images then they match the track list okay.

Sorry for that confusion… but it does show that only photos can be trusted.

I need more coffee…

i see seams a bit odd from what i know of Christian music let me get back to you on this ill do i little digging and see what i come up with. I see what you are saying yer. its as i thort typos

This is a 2014 version of the script.
I’m surprised if it still works.
But here you should find newer versions:


Thanks for the update… some of us just stumble across scripts. As some of them updated I assume they all did. This one makes MB a nice place to visit. And makes me want to scan in more artwork