Podcasts, mixes, etc by MeB users

I saw a post on the Introduction thread! that made me wonder. We have tons of music geeks here, so @Chtfn can’t be the only one who has some nice podcast / radio program / Mixcloud account where to find interesting and obscure stuff. I’m always happy to find new music to work or edit to, and I can’t be the only one, so why not show us what you’ve got! :slightly_smiling:


Well, I’ll start with mine then:

studio d’essai is a show about electronic and experimental music from around the world, with a particular interest in Free culture, broadcast from Brisbane on Global Digital.

I try to link every artist I play to an entity on MusicBrainz, which brings me to add quite a few artists to the database. All the previous playlists are on the website for anyone to browse.

You can podcast it via RSS, you can stream the last few episodes from the website, and you can listen live on Thursdays at 22:00 UTC+10.


Hmm, probably not what you’re after, but me and my friends have an awful (but fun for us) DnD/ pen and paper RPG podcast here: http://www.sweetbuttguys.com/
And I have a label here, where I sometimes put out digital and some tapes (and an LP as of yesterday!) for friends and local punk bands: https://limblessmusic.bandcamp.com/

No pressure :wink: