OT: Podcasts I've Been Listening To

Here are a few things I’ve heard recently that seem both cool and of-interest to *Brainz people.

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I mostly listen to/watch…

  • Linux Game Cast (Weekly and “Weekly Daily Wednesdays”): about (video) gaming and Linux and gaming on Linux. Sometimes features @strycore.
  • Bag Fjendens Linjer: a battle rapper and a battle rap expert/geek discuss the English and Danish language battle rap scenes, almost always with a guest from the Danish scene. (In Danish.)
  • Wild Guesses: podcast about gaming, with a slightly higher-than-normal focus on music/soundtrack of them. Seems to be pretty much dead now though. :frowning:
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Thanks for all the music related podcasts!! Will definitely check them out.
I listen to quite a lot, but no music ones that are going at the moment… Anyway, here’s my current ones:

And more, but let’s leave it there for now!

Actually I really enjoyed this Music podcast, finished now, but probably on a good wavelength for MB users, worth checking out

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@CallerNo6, it’s not that I have anything to add but, know that you can turn the original post into a wiki, if you want to. :slight_smile:
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Just thought I’d advertise my own community radio (volunteer, very amateur, podcastable, add-free) weekly radio show, studio d’essai.

It’s experimental and electronic music, with an effort to make it international and an interest in free culture. All playlists have MusicBrainz links :wink:

If you don’t mind some weird, you might be interested!


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edit/bump: added Cadence (possibly promising series asking what science can tell us about music) and 20,000Hz (kinda cool episode that tries to answer 'what would you be able to hear on other planets?').
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New addition:

How did I not know this story? When the NYT called Sub Pop asking for a lexicon of ‘grunge terminology’, they probably should have done some fact checking.

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New addition:

Where does mixing stop and mastering begin? I’m still not entirely sure.


@CallerNo6, Thanks for posting the "History of Mastering. It was a needful read for me.

I just listened to an interesting podcast: Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) on Systems and Incentives

Heaps of stuff that might be of interest to the MB community, if you have a spare hour of folding washing or something.

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