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Hi all! I’ve been on MusicBrainz since 2009, mostly editing Swedish stuff. I’m getting nearer having cleant up my entire collection, finally! I’m super hyped about Discourse as I have got a load of questions saved up, hope I will be seeing you reply.


I’m Jesse, I’ve been on MusicBrainz for (… goes to look it up …) 6 years. In terms of the data I add, I focus pretty heavily on contra dance (live, trad. bands playing for dancers) and filk (the folk music of science fiction fandom) music, and suspect I’m one of the most active editors in these areas (although it’s not much of a contest :slight_smile: ). I’ve also done development on various small and medium sized features of the site, although not much lately.


Hey guys!
I’m Simon, I’m from New Zealand, I’m a graphic designer and work a few days as a tour guide at Weta Workshop as well.
I’ve been on MB for… much longer than I thought, originally to tidy up my digital collection, lately to try to keep interesting New Zealand bands and releases up and updated. I also add grindcore, punk and misc stuff from time to time.
And I do a bunch of other shit as well :slightly_smiling:

edit: actually, I think I first used MB to fix up one release… which was too hard so I stopped. And then a year later I used it for a year to procrastinate like crazy, and avoid study. And then eventually I actually got genuinely OCD about MB, and here we are!

One of my other hobbies at the moment is to get grumpy about MB/Picard UI and UX :wink:


Hello everyone. My name for MB (and in many other places on the net) is davitof (actually, the “f” is for Frederic). I am French. I discovered MB in 2006. The kind of music where I feel the most at home is classical.

I have been in hibernation for 2 years because I had many things to do (radically changing my way of life) and at the same time the MB MLs went dead. Yeah, I’m rather old school, I work essentially with mails. I have now more time available and at the same time Discourse seems to give me back my beloved mails. So I’m back!


Welcome back! :smiley: Hopefully it will Soon™ be possible to reply using e-mail too and you will never have to open a pesky web browser again! :raised_hands: (Except for all the MusicBrainz editing of course…)


Hi everyone!

I am a Frenchman living in Australia, I have been around for a few years and have been mostly contributing in the last couple of years because I want to link the artists I play on my show to MB entities:
I am mostly interested in electronic, experimental and Free License music.

Keep up the great work!

Podcasts, mixes, etc by MeB users

My name is Philipp aka outsidecontext aka phw :slight_smile: I have been around since 2006 as an editor. I like digging through liner notes and getting every detail possible out of them. I am not as active as I used to be anymore, but occasionally you will find me editing, mostly in the Metal and Rock genres.

I also did some MusicBrainz related software development, mostly on Picard. In the last years not as much as I would like to do due to lack of time, but I am still trying to dedicate more time again to this since I really enjoy working on MusicBrainz.

And I try my best to answer Picard related community questions :smiley:


Hello world!

I’m Ed aka istartedajoke. I first found MusicBrainz in 2005 (which I still tend to think of as “a few years ago” even though that hasn’t been the case for some time :sweat_smile:). At the time, I thought it was cool to have “public standards” for all the random MP3s in my collection that had “feat.”, “ft.”, etc. Then there was some mashup CD I had that wasn’t in the database - and another, and another, and then my neighbor’s boyfriend was in a band, and then my housemate… :wink:

Now that I work with databases daily (Salesforce system administrator since 2010), I have a real appreciation for the sheer amount of data, style standards & continued development of MB. As I have no formal background in computer science, MB is the standard-bearer in my head of “the way things should be organized”, and has informed my own work. Kudos & thanks to all developers, editors & users for their dedication :clap:

Also, at the risk of sounding silly… I learned last year from various edits that the ’ key isn’t really an apostrophe. It blew my mind.

That being said, while I’ve been an auto-editor for some time, I’ve had almost no community presence (never used IRC, and browsed but I don’t think ever posted the old forums). Now that it’s a more intuitive, integrated system, I’ll try to pop in more often! Cheers! :beers:


Hello Everyone,

I’m Daniel from Australia.
I joined musicbrainz after using the sound juicer ripper on linux and having it suggest to add the release to musicbrainz. I found out this year that a member of my local linux user group added the feature to sound juicer so it’ a small world. After that I have been adding everything that I buy to musicbrainz.

See my (mostly complete) list of releases
As you can see I have a lot of EDM / dance and have a lot of ministry of sound compilations.
I’m mainly focused on adding works to musicbrainz when I get around to it.


Hi, good to know that, many areas that don’t show up that I wish did… now I know who to bother :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @reosarevok
Many questions coming you’re way, once I get my other projects done, so stay posted.


User from a small town, been using the site since 2004. I edit a lot. :sunglasses:
I also don’t really talk much.


Hi MusicBrainzers!
AzoreanGigolo here, a.k.a. AzoresOne, a.k.a. argoNut on AXA (my “portfolio” here). Took awhile to introduce myself here because I wasn’t aware one could only post 3 times in each thread, so I had to delete one…
Anyways, I’m a Portuguese-Canadian (English is my native language) and I now live in the beautiful islands of the Azores — the Hawaii of Europe or as I prefer to consider: Hawaii: the Azores of America :stuck_out_tongue: — you can read the rest of my short bio at my MBz page.

How I came across MusicBrainz? Don’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was through Picard. At the time I was pretty happy with MP3 Tag Studio by Magnus Brading and occasionally used Picard on the side. One day I decided to feed it my cousin’s incomplete titled opera tracks and what came out the other end was to me simply magic. :sunrise: Been hooked ever since! BTW any known release date for update?
As many users stated about MusicBrainz, I also found it cumbersome back in 2010, tried it a bit and eventually sorta gave up… since I do have many different interests and projects going on at the same time, I do tend to jump from one to another, so it’s been an off-and-on thing with MBz but more stable lately.
I’ve also been trying to “clean” my mp3s, i.e., correctly tag my entire collection as well for years now… probably still a year or so to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so that’s why you don’t seem me much on forums, etc and why I don’t spend much time voting, something I consider very important.
One of my other goals is to correct and case-correct ALL Portuguese language releases (I don’t agree that it’s Sentence case, but that’s another issue).
Cheerio :tophat:


Hi !
I am from Paris, France. I am a web developer and I have this idea since a long time to create smartphone app where I can scan the barcode of my CDs I have at home and fill in a library of my all I have so when I am in a store, I can tell if I already have this CD or not, or to have the ability to sort my library to improve and it is organize…
This kind of app anyway.
So I was really happy to find your XML service and discover this large community of music lovers!
Hoping I will be able to help anyone…

MusicBrainz smartphone app

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I am from Sri Lanka. I am currently a computer science undergraduate and currently in my internship period.
I came across MusicBrainz through [foobar2000] ( they have a MusicBrainz component. :slight_smile: . I have this need :worried: to keep my music tags clean, organized and with my personal mood, genre tags for easily find what to play. Picard plugins like this are really helping me to do exactly that.:heart_eyes:
I don’t have much collections in MusicBrainz but these are the stuff i mostly listen to :slight_smile:
English is not my native language so I wish i could speak English properly :smile:



I’m, Abby from Spain. I’m a newbie as an editor, I started the last year. I really like tagging my music files and discovered MB when I was using its tagger in MusicBee player. I entered to add a new artist and I couldn’t stop.
I love listening to music and am always discovering new bands and albums, specially ska, reggae, rap and punk.


Where in Spain do you live? (You should go and enter in your location at :slight_smile:)


If you want to, that is (“Be as specific as you want to!”).


Hey everyone,
nice to have a community forum here now. :slight_smile:

I’m using MusicBrainz for some time now, mostly with Picard. But I also add new releases and improve the library - but not on a regular basis.

See you around…