Please add information about valid FTP access

On your page
you offer some FTP urls for data dump downloads.

Could you please add the information that the most current browsers don’t support the direct click and access to such FTP urls anymore? You have to use a FTP program like FileZilla for the download of data.

See also Can't download the AcousticBrainz using a web browser cause it's ftp:// only?

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As the EU mirror is available via HTTP as well the best solution probably is changing to HTTP download URL. This would be Index of /pub/musicbrainz/data/fullexport/

Is there any downside to this?


I just went ahead and edited the underlying wiki page at MusicBrainz Database/Download - MusicBrainz Wiki and asked on IRC for someone to transclude this.

UPDATE: Change is online now on MusicBrainz Database / Download - MusicBrainz


Thank you @outsidecontext.

The new HTTP URLs are working!

If I click on the still existing FTP URLs (the one with a red rectangle on this print screen):

I only get a blank new tab in my browser (Chrome), without any content.
Is this the expected “new” behaviour?

Current browser versions of Chrome, Firefox or Edge that no longer support FTP should show a dialog to open the link in an external application. Firefox shows me this:

UPDATE: Chrome and Edge on Windows also shows something similar


You are right.

This leads to the funny constellation, that MS Edge warns me that I want to open an FTP with “Google Chrome”

I assume, this is caused by my actual setting for the Standard App for FTP pointing to Google Chrome and not to a real FTP program like FileZilla.

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Yes, it’s a fun situation. On my system both Chrome and Edge suggest Firefox, but then instead of opening Firefox show the standard Windows app selection dialog, which among others, suggests Chrome and Edge (!), but not Firefox. Nowhere does it suggest to use Filezilla, which I have also installed.

Looks like all those browsers are still registered as a handler for ftp:// , and they happily assume that while they have stopped supporting ftp all other browsers still do.