Old LP cannot be found

In case this is the first release you want to add to MB, I highly recommend reading some of our How-Tos first. They explain how editing on MB works in general and also how you can add missing releases, artists etc.

A more advanced way to add a release is to install a userscript which you can use to prefill the fields of the release editor to save you some typing. There is a Discogs importer script which adds an import button on Discogs release pages. It is already described in other forum topics, e.g. this one should get you started:

As this LP is a classical release and MB has different style guidelines (e.g. capitalization) than Discogs you can try your best to tweak your entered (or imported) data according to the style guidelines (especially those for Classical) before you submit your edits. Mozart has many subscribers, so your entry has not to be perfect as there surely will be people who review your edits and might give you further advice.

Entering classical releases is one of the more difficult tasks to do on MB because there are more special guidelines you should follow. If you want to start with adding a simpler release first, I would recommend to choose a non-classical album where all tracks are by the same artist which makes the process more straight forward.