Any way to import a release from discogs?

Hi all.
Is there any quick way to import a release from discogs?

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There is. You need to install this userscript to your browser:

Exactly how will depend on the browser. Chrome, Vivaldi and I think Edge can use Tampermonkey.


or, you can simply copy and paste the tracklist. The other stuff still needs done by hand.

Discogs still lets you do that. Spotify and iTunes have both stopped it.

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It gets much more than just the track list. The importer will copy over the label, cat no, country, date, barcode and paste in a link back to the Discogs page

The script is a big time saver, but you need to remember to set a few things like Language. And then Fix All The Capitals That Discogs Will Have Put In. :slight_smile:

I find it a massive time saver.

This is a good addition to go with it:

That will let you pick up artwork at higher than 600x600 res from Discogs. I don’t know the quick way to use it as it is a bit more of a multi-purpose artwork tool. I find I need to go into the Edit Release \ Edit Images page, and then click VIEW on each image in turn. That opens separate pages for the artwork which then jump to Full Size ready for saving


If you want to try this userscript that @psychoadept says and have some remarks, you can use its oldest topic:

And there is some introduction to userscripts in our wiki.


It looks like Discogs has changed its way of how ‘raw’ unscaled images of the artwork they store is being accessed. First I noticed it when Image MAX URL stopped working on Discogs and I thought that there’s a problem with the script. Then I tried accessing the links to the unedited album art that was still stored in my browser’s history, except none of those links work for me anymore.

To give an example, if the following is a link for a scaled 600x600 image:
then the script normally used to redirect me to a link that looked like this:
except that the latter link doesn’t work anymore.

Could it be Discogs deliberately making it harder to obtain these full-sized images? Has anybody figured out an alternative way to get them?


The problem has already been reported :cry:


That’s just very much typical discogs… this time they’ve at least revealed some info:


What is so bizarre is that they use such an ancient standard as an unreadable 600x600. Hopefully something is done about it but they seem to be more about the money lately. I have had to get imaginative with all kinds of blocks on those annoying cookie pop-ups. They have one of those really nasty “we ain’t gonna let you stop these cookies” options lists. Why don’t companies like that just realise they get MORE adblocks pointed at them when they act like that.