Old LP cannot be found

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Hello, I’m new here at placing a question and I need help.
I cannot find anywere the tags for this LP. Can anyone help?
It’s a "LP, Vinyl, VOX PL 10.260 - Artist is MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus.

The vinyl has on side A, “Mass, C Major, K.317”
On side B, “Vesperae Solemnes De Confessore, C Major, K.339”
It’s performed by “Pro Musica Symphony, Vienna - Vienna Oratorio Choir”
Conductor is “Jascha Horenstein”
Wilma Lipp - Soprano
Christa Ludwig - Alto
Murray Dicki - Tenor
Peter Bender - Bass

For composers with a huge catalogue it is usually easier to search for the performers:

Unfortunately there are no Mozart releases which are filed under these artists yet.
In this case it even looks like there is no release with catno VOX PL 10.260 on MB at all. But I have found the following matching releases on Discogs:

If you own one of these two you can add a new release on MB or import the release from Discogs as a basis (which needs to be further tweaked to follow our style guidelines).


Hi Kellnerd,
thanks for your helpful reply. It is the LP from your first Discogs find and list.

Now, since I own the Vinyl LP I would like to add this to the MB Database. How do I go about this?
Or, how do I import the release from Discogs and tweak?
Thanks for a quick instruction and for your appreciated support.

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In case this is the first release you want to add to MB, I highly recommend reading some of our How-Tos first. They explain how editing on MB works in general and also how you can add missing releases, artists etc.

A more advanced way to add a release is to install a userscript which you can use to prefill the fields of the release editor to save you some typing. There is a Discogs importer script which adds an import button on Discogs release pages. It is already described in other forum topics, e.g. this one should get you started:

As this LP is a classical release and MB has different style guidelines (e.g. capitalization) than Discogs you can try your best to tweak your entered (or imported) data according to the style guidelines (especially those for Classical) before you submit your edits. Mozart has many subscribers, so your entry has not to be perfect as there surely will be people who review your edits and might give you further advice.

Entering classical releases is one of the more difficult tasks to do on MB because there are more special guidelines you should follow. If you want to start with adding a simpler release first, I would recommend to choose a non-classical album where all tracks are by the same artist which makes the process more straight forward.


Thanks for this additional information and I see that I will have to do a bit of reading.
In the mean time have yourself a happy new year.

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Here is how I go about finding not so popular recordings:

Firstly, look up work from the Mozart catalogue, in this case

Find the work by KV

There are 2 recordings listed, none of them is Jasha Horenstein so entry for this recording is missing.
To double check, I would also search for Horenstein and look for Mozart, none is present in the db.

It needs to be added.

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Hello again, I’ve found a way to tag each music file.
Right click on each music file, go to properties and under details I am able to enter every aspect of the music tag. Unfortunately, this way of entry does not get stored on the database of MB and therfore cannot be shared with others. It works in my db and it gets recognized by iTune or MediaPlayer and Sonos.
Conclusion: This approach works fine for me and my music apps, It does require a bit of work and time.

Unsure which app you are using to tag your files.

To get best results, add your releases to MusicBrainz (through website) and use MusicBrainz Picard to tag your files (which uses MusicBrainz database).
If your release already exists somewhere online, it is likely you can easily import it through importers.
If you are experiencing difficulties to add a release you can easily get help from our great community.

Of course, this process is slower but it has major advantages:

  • you share your hard work
  • metadata about your release get improved over the time by other editors
  • using Picard to tag you get almost all metadata possible
  • whole MetaBrainz ecosystem provides a lot of tools, developped over last 20 years, new comers can be a bit lost, but when it comes to music metadata you can hardly find better

Were you finally able to add the vinyl release to MusicBrainz database?

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I used windows explorer!

Not sure how to add my files to Picard DB over Picard Website? Don’t see any “ADD” or “IMPORT”.
On MUSICBRAINSPICARD on the left side, I see my files and at the bottom I see my entred TAG-values.
Now how do I upload this into PICARD DB?

Ok, you are mixing up things here, let me try to explain:

Since your release is apparently on Discogs, you can use an importer (a user script running in your browser) to ease the process. It will prefill fields in the form used to add releases.

Picard isn’t directly used to add a release, you have to add your release on the website, but, once done, Picard will be able to use this data.

MusicBrainz works a bit like Wikipedia, everyone can add/edit (but there are rules), and everyone can use the data. MusicBrainz data is available through many means, mainly through a documented web service.