Official live CD with multiple songs combined into a single track


I have an official live CD with 6 tracks per its cardboard sleeve, but the CD contains one long continuous track with no separation. The tracklist field was originally submitted as if each track was separated. Ex. 1. Luminol
2. Postcard
I submitted an edit to change this to:
1-1 Luminol
1-2 Postcard

There was nothing in MusicBrainz’s docs that covers a case like this. The closest thing I found was regarding classical albums that list separate tracks on the case but are combined as a single suite on the CD. What is the correct method for a case like this? The release in question is Steven Wilson - Weekender 221113.


The release should be one track only, like this: STEVEN WILSON / Weekender 11/22/15 (not the same live, different date).
Then you can type each title separated by space slash space: “Title 1 / Title 2 / Title 3 / …”


Approved the change. Notice that by entering this as separate tracks, it for example would have made it impossible to submit a Disc ID :slight_smile:


I don’t think Live at Wangels, Germany November 22, 2015: should be part of the track title, though. It isn’t on the album art that way. That info should be in relationships, shouldn’t it?


It is not unheard of to do that, but it makes more sense to leave just the track list.

I added the more normal way of doing this - add a disambiguation, and the relationship.

Personally I make use of these disambigs in Picard and add them to track names to get:
Luminol / Postcard / The Holy Drinker / Drive Home / The Watchmaker / Radioactive Toy (live, 2015-11-22: Wangels, Germany)

Best of both then. A pure track list, but also location tagged into the track names via Picard.


Thanks all for the help. I was finally able to add the Disc ID with the corrected tracklist. If the consensus is to remove the Live at Wangels, Germany November 22, 2015:, then I agree it should be changed. The disambiguation and relationship certainly do help.


Now you can go to the Disc IDs tab and click the Set track durations link.

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