Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-29

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-29

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Meeting wiki page: MetaBrainz Meeting - MusicBrainz Wiki


Last meeting: 2024-01-22
Next meeting: 2024-02-05

@reosarevok: Welcome to a slightly delayed Monday Meeting!


Dropping MB Commons Code

@yvanzo queried why we should remove it if it’s not causing any trouble - reo and yvan to discuss after the meeting.

IRC alternatives

Summary: Barring any unforeseen events, we will be moving to Matrix ‘officially’ (IRC will keep working).
@lucifer will install it properly on the new domain that @rob bought for our chat, and then we can update the wiki etc.

Summit 2024

@rob is waiting for a few more travel details and then can start executing.
Sightseeing and public toilets are discussed briefly.
See also: Summit 2024 wiki page

absent: atj (1)


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