Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-22

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-22

Meeting start: IRC Logs for #metabrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs
Meeting wiki page: MetaBrainz Meeting - MusicBrainz Wiki


Last meeting: 2024-01-15
Next meeting: 2024-01-29

@reosarevok: It’s Monday again, everyone! Why?


Discord Bridge

No disagreement.

IRC alternatives

See the logs for the full discussion.
Summary: No major complaints from anyone about matrix (wikipedia). Long prefixes being assigned from the bridge was annoying, but has since been fixed by @lucifer. There is no plan to get rid of IRC. The decision whether or not to move to matrix (as the ‘primary’) will be on the agenda for next weeks meeting.
Test matrix server is:
Lucifer has also made a test server on zulip (wikipedia) (but it seems likely we will use matrix):

Summit 2024

@rob reminds attendees to fill in the summit doc (with their preferred India departure dates etc).

(not?) absent: absence of absentees


Could you please link to this product page, so that we can see what it is? :grin:

There are many things called “matrix” on internet.

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I believe it’s

edit: you can find a list of Matrix clients on their website too: - Clients


Thanks @jesus2099 and @UltimateRiff :blush:

I also forgot to mention that @lucifer set up a zulip server to test as well (though it seems like everyone’s more keen for matrix).

I’ve added links to both those test servers (the links are on the public IRC logs anyway) if anyone wants to check them out - any change should hopefully benefit all contributors, after all.