Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-08

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-08

Meeting start: IRC Logs for #metabrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs
Meeting wiki page: MetaBrainz Meeting - MusicBrainz Wiki


Last meeting: 2023-12-18
Next meeting: 2024-01-15

@reosarevok: Welcome one and all to the new season of the MetaBrainz Monday Meeting!
I know you’ve missed it, but it’s ok, those empty and sad free times are gone and it’s time to work.


Discord Bridge

@rdswift raised concerns that we should do an evaluation first, as it can be an issue to remove things after granting them.
@lucifer will commence the bridge-ing/live test.
To be revisited next meeting.

IRC alternatives

A fair bit of discussion, no clear outcome. @lucifer will do some more testing and set up bridges for people to try out. For the full discussion please see the logs.
To be revisited next meeting.

Summit 2024

@reosarevok: In which mayhem tries to convince us that it’ll be cheap and good to go to India

A small amount of misc related chatter.
To be revisited next meeting.

absent: akshaaatt (1) atj (excused themselves)


Hmm maybe it would be nice.
Sometimes I see stuff in the chat logs that I would like to answer but I don’t remember how I used to connect to IRC on my now broken PC, and am too lazy to search again.
There was an online tool that didn’t require account but I lost the favourite/bookmark…

Oh! I think I found it back on!

But if the alternative requires an account it would be worse for me.
Or if the alternative has topics, it would duplicate this forum.

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