Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2022-05-02

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2022-05-02

Meeting start:

World Tuna Monday


Last meeting: 2022-04-25
Next meeting: 2022-05-09














Telegram-bridge and #musicbrainz

There was some discussion and concerns about the activity of the Telegram channel, which could be explained by it being a mostly hidden-away IRC channel which means that a lot of the interaction that would happen normally between Telegram users and IRC ones have not really happened.

It was decided to try and link up the channels for 4 weeks and reevaluate. @Freso will coordinate with @jflory to get the process going.

Securing MeB infrastructure - part 3

Postponed to next week’s meeting.


Hey, let me know if I can be of help with this. I could also coordinate this request with Matrix as well, given that I have admin rights on the Matrix room where people join and ask MusicBrainz/MetaBrainz questions too.