Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2022-04-25

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2022-04-25

Meeting start:

World Malaria Monday


Last meeting: 2022-04-11
Next meeting: 2022-05-02
















@Freso noted that he does “not feel comfortable travelling with how the world acts like COVID is over when it very much is not”, but most others who spoke up were fine with going.

No objections to the proposed dates, so MetaBrainz Summit 2022 will be on October 8th–9th “unless something changes and we hear objections about this date in the next week or two”.

Design Guidelines

There was some discussion about the use of PDFs for these and how to suggest, implement, and track changes (since PDF does not lend itself well to traditional code-based version control systems like git). No definite resolution, aerozol and akshaaatt will discuss more how to go about this.

It was also decided to merge the logo repository into the design repository.

Securing MeB infrastructure - part 2

It was decided to do a separate security meeting the next day, Tuesday April 26th at regular meeting time.