Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-13

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-13

Meeting start:

R U OK? Monday


Last meeting: 2021-09-06
Next meeting: 2021-09-20














MBS-11938: Separate most autoselectable websites into their own relationships

There was some talk about technical implications of splitting out vs. combining and it was generally agreed that there were pros and cons for both and not a clear winner for either.

It was decided that the MusicBrainz team would discuss potentional implementations further to see if it’s be possible to get the “best of both worlds” for the downstream users.


@reosarevok suggested “you could probably have a rule in contracts that says “for each day after X, 0,5% is discounted from the payment””, to which @rob responded “that’s evil. no.”

@Freso had some suggestions:

@rob retorted that he’s “made it clear on a number of occasions why submitting invoices on time is important. and I really don’t want to be nagging people. do the contracts want to nag me to get paid?”

@rob then suggested that “if submission of invoice is X days late, payment will also be X days late.”

The item was left without resolution and postponed to next meeting, to see whether people would come up with additional ideas.