Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-06

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-09-06

Meeting start:

Colour Blindness Awareness Monday


Last meeting: 2021-08-09
Next meeting: 2021-09-13













MBS-11938: Separate most autoselectable websites into their own relationships

@yvanzo voiced that he is against this. He will put down his objection(s) in the ticket and we’ll revisit next week.

MBS-6479: Remove option not to be mailed on No votes

It was generally agreed that the option should be removed, but probably as part of a larger effort to make No vote notifications less spammy, e.g., by sending a batch mail listing No votes instead of sending out individual mails for each one.

MeB Summit

Summit will be online again this year. Potential dates were discussed, with the decision landing on 16th–17th of October as the whole MeB team was available then.

@amcap1712 agreed to make a wikipage for it.