Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-08-09

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-08-09

Meeting start:

International Monday of the World’s Indigenous Peoples


















Make mb/user/edit redirect to mb/account/edit

It was noted that /user/edit redirecting to /account/edit might be confusing, so instead it was suggested to “take over” the edit user and put a note in its Bio text linked to /account/edit instead. This latter approach was agreed to be the path to take.

Improved MB monitoring

@alastairp noted that there is currently not a lot of distinguishing between teams in the alerts, making it hard to tell what’s relevant to you.

@zas mentioned that he has “a bunch of ideas about improving monitoring and alerting”.

@alastairp additionally noted that he feels “like many alerts aren’t actionalable by anyone”.

@zas noted that he’s “delaying upgrading to grafana 8 which has many changes to alert system, and I would like to get rid of influxdb and replace it with prometheus (which would also make us able to get rid of nagios): then we need “per team” telegram alerts, which is quite easy to set up”

@rob and @bitmap agreed that @bitmap would coordinate with the MB team to figure out a short-term stop-gap measure. Also to have more team-specific alerts.

MBS-9841: Warn about the new beta version on mb.o

A full banner was deemed too intrusive. It was suggested a more targeted banner might be more appropriate, e.g. for auto-editors or experienced editors.

@Freso mentioned that the reason he doesn’t use beta is because he doesn’t want to remember to remove the “beta.” from copy/pasted URLs, which others were in agreement with.

In response, @Rob suggested routing traffic to beta based on configuration setting, so the URL would be the same. E.g., would serve if a user has set the beta setting/cookie. This approach was generally deemed a good idea and @Rob asked the MB team to talk to @zas about implementing it.

Trans deadnames and “credited as” as proposed in the forum

This was acknowledged as a decent approach/response for now.


I did not realise it would be better that experienced editors would use beta more.

I would gladly participate!

But I have same concern as @Freso about leaving beta URL links everywhere behind me.

The beta/main switch and route could be done the same as the language switch and route are done today, for instance.

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FWIW, I’m almost always using beta. It also seems to be slightly faster than prod.
For the beta. in URL problem I use a clipboard manager that automatically removes it.


It sounds good tool in general, could you tell its name? :slight_smile:

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