Looking for advice on how to implement "credited as"

i’ve been trying to make some progress on https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-11741

i’ve been working in GitHub - briaguya-ai/musicbrainz-server at dev0 most recently, but i did some frontend work in GitHub - briaguya-ai/musicbrainz-server at dev that i haven’t merged in yet

i added a table for “ArtistCreditNameDisplayMode” and started trying to get it correctly associated with a “display_mode_id” column in “ArtistCreditName”

i’ve gotten somewhat stuck when trying to get more than just the id to come through the JSON api

if anyone has advice (or just a good example PR with patterns i could follow) on how i should go about this it’d make me extremely happy

thanks in advance!



We talked about this in a team meeting earlier today, and our main worry is that this will inevitably get misused (as in, at the very least every artist who has ever changed names and wants to prioritize the new one will use it too, and often it will just get used by confused users as well). We’re thinking about possible alternatives (a way for privileged users to set specific aliases as being displayed like this, for example), but we will need a bit of time to think about how each of the options would affect things. If we have an IRC meeting to think about it, would you want to attend?


thanks for responding!

i would be more than happy to attend an IRC meeting

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If this goes ahead in future I would be keen to arrange for a trans group to have some input btw :+1:

(goes without saying imo, but just in case somebody comes at me - yes, a group can’t represent everybody out there, but getting an outside perspective to avoid potential missteps wouldn’t hurt)

Edit: I realised it’s not mentioned in this thread, but I’m assuming that this would be meant to tackled the issues that came up here.


Sorry about this taking forever - summer is a very bad time since we’re all on-and-off a lot more (we’ve skipped the last two team meetings, for example). I haven’t forgotten about this :slight_smile:

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no worries at all!

i agree!

my goal with these branches was to provide a way to present credits in a manner similar to imdb “Full Cast & Crew” pages

the tool it provides is definitely one that could be misused

code alone can’t solve this problem, a good implementation would also require:

  • proper documentation
  • informative examples
  • clear style guidelines
  • informed, respectful editors

i’m looking forward to hearing more thoughts!

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any news on this?

it seems as though the current strategy is to remove deadnames from all credits (recording/release/RGs), but keep them as ended aliases

this includes intentionally changing credits on physical releases to reflect who the artist is, not what was printed on the album

my gut feeling is this is a good solution (we wouldn’t need “credited as” at all) and should be adopted into the style guide (artist/credits/aliases)

i know this has been discussed to death, but without something in the style guide it feels incomplete