New submission or extended annotation

My question concerns this release:

It is documented quite well with cover art and as far as I could compare identical to my copy, except for Matrix/runout CDP 7-46158-2. @ 1+1 + + 6. (the last + partly covering the 6) and the Disc ID 81qXH3XbxZIJ_zOpOBxBthZRCSo-.
Should this be a new submission? :thinking:
I would like to invite @ernstlx to this discussion.

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Assuming you still have no barcode on the rear cover, it is likely this one based on that matrix text:

That is pressed in a different factory and would be a new Release.

Do you have any Rights Societies on the CD? i.e. BIEM MCPS to the left of the Made in UK?


Thanks for the Discogs link, seems to be the perfect match. :+1:
EDIT: Can’t we duplicate a sub in MB for the tiny changes to make?
(quite sure we can’t)

There is a userscript for that… be back shortly with the link.

Thread is old, but the userscript is gold

Adds a little menu to the edit menu to allow a clone.

Clones everything apart from the art. You then trim out what you don’t want, adjust etc as need. Cloning the Recordings is especially useful. Need to adjust the options in the SUPER MIND CONTROL II X TURBO menu also see in the above image

Script also adds MANY other excellent features, all controllable from that menu.

This is also another method which is almost as time saving. Apart from this method means needing to link up recordings. And you have all the Messed Up Discogs Capitals To Sort Out.


… then I will not look for the link :wink:

Apart from that. I usually do not use it - if there’s a matching release on Discogs (and in case the release has a mainly English language tracklist), I rather import it from Discogs. It gives me the chance to check details - e.g. I see duplicate recordings when I associate the tracks to recordings.

GitHub - murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts: Collection of userscripts for MusicBrainz, by various authors


But I would also like to point out a few dangers of the Discogs import script:

  • Discogs has it’s own rules for an album title - often the matching RG is not found automatically and that’s easily overlooked (you accidentally create a new RG then)
  • Discogs does not know about things like title language (but it’s obvious and easily corrected if it was overlooked)
  • The Guess case button works well, but does not correct apostrophes (’ on Discogs, ' on MB - also easily corrected, but sometimes after works with ’ were created…)

There’s much more to do than with the copy script, but there are advantages:

  • if a matching recording is not instantly found, you have to take a closer look - it might be misspelt on either side. With the copy script you will probably propagate a (not so obvious) misspelling.
  • if there’s more than one matching recording, you probably have to deal with duplicates
  • it guides me to look at the details again when I otherwise blindly trust their accuracy

I think I’ll try it, seems like what I was hoping for. In this special case it would have been even nicer to clone the artwork too.

That is what I also did already, importing releases from Discogs and Bandcamp. But it’s always a lot of labour left to fit them into MB.

What I realized and spoke of before:
Quite often these import scripts are used without checking anything else, especially the recordings and in some cases even the release group, and left untouched without any further relationships (not to mention multimedia releases).
But that’s a bit off topic, imo.

Tricky. Cloning artwork it is surprising how easy it is to miss small details. For example - do you have those Rights Societies on the CD? Also looking at the images at discogs the inner ring is different on the CD as there is a difference in how the centre of the ring is painted.

The script has a collection of other features included which are all really useful. Can be controlled by the menu on the edit menu in the above screen snip.

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Thanks for the hint. I surely would have replaced the CD face and matrix by own scans, but all the rest is absolutely identical.

Be sure I’ll take a close look on all options before using it. :nerd_face:


Booklets often do seem to continue unchanged for many years. Little things that change can be the copyrights\small print on the rear, cat nos on spine, or an appearance of a cat number on the last page. ( That is more aimed at other people reading this…)

After all these years of looking it is funny how much more I now see. In my early days I did copy the odd booklet across but returned years later when I spotted the comical errors of differences. In those days I’d even miss the obvious Made in UK \ Made in Holland differences. Pretty sure I’ve fixed all that now.

Some people can get pretty fussy as to these little details. :smiley:


Be quite sure that I’m aware of all these traps from contributing on Discogs. :wink: