Big script called “mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO”

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With @loujin, we were wondering if we would not create a userscripts information topic that people could watch. We were then pointed to this #userscripts tag by @Freso who said it would be better to use that rather than an awfully ever growing single topic. I think maybe a “Userscripts News” topic would still be informative if it only contains news. We’ll see that news topic later, I’ll just start using this tag now with a random script… and see.


There is a slightly outdated presentation / overview / documentation for this script and here is where you can report bugs.

You can install it from GitHub (click raw), Greasy Fork or OpenUserJS.

This script was initially called remember last “Relate to …” options + autofocus + autoselect but was once merged with several other small scripts to form this big mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO… thing.

It is now a big set of small to medium features that each can be enabled/disabled through a settings panel from the MusicBrainz Editing menu:

(this screenshot is an old version)


I had some good reasons to merge several small scripts into one that are now mostly not valid any more.
I would now prefer to split this script again to smaller parts.

Instead of having a big settings panel to enable/disable features, you would just install only the scripts you want to use. There would only be settings for the scripts that really have actual settings (not only on/off).

A big composite script like this is also difficult for users to know everything that it will do.


  • split big TURBO script back to smaller specialised scripts
  • don’t split TURBO script (please tell why in the replies)

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This poll will be closed at the end of June 2016.

hé, as you know I’d love if you split these - infact I think i have some (ancient) versions of the aforementioned singular scripts before they became merged :o

that also means that there is less redundancy and easier to update stand alone scripts and bugs (than fixing the entire SMCIIXT thing at once X__x)

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Sounds that it would be easier to maintain. At the moment I don’t really know what it all does anyway!


As we discussed, I’m also in favour of splitting the super-script:

  • less side-effects
  • easier for people to test/contribute
  • help pushing to a common toolbox/library the code other people could use to write their own scripts
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Thanks for your comments.
Don’t hesitate to comment against, everything is welcome, even critics. :slight_smile:

It makes sense to me that you would want to split it, but as a user I’ve not noticed any side effects. I’m not sure I’d have installed/tried a bunch of the options if it was split, so I’d want there to be a good way of discovering and (very) easily installing them. Also, I found there were various pains with managing versions as we moved away from and these would have been greater with more individual scripts. Hopefully github will be around for a long time to come but it’s one of those possible unexpected problems.


(Everything I say should have enough salt applied, as I am not a potential user of these scripts at the moment.)

That would also be my main reason against the split.

Pakage management for userscripts? Does such a thing exist?


hey there @jesus2099 any feedback on this now it’s been a while? :​)

Hi @CatQuest, I think I will progressively split into smaller parts…
I don’t know when nor how but it will come little by little whenever I will need to change this script or parts of it. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your feedback. :bow:

@docdem, @tommycrock, I know it’s difficult to discover good scripts.
I think we feel more safe to test install a script when it’s small and the purpose is clear.
With @loujin we came up with the idea of having a topic here where any script author could advertise their new scripts (and only that) so that us, script users, we can watch/subscribe this topic, that can be fed with screen shots etc.

Earlier than that I made an automatic list of MB related scripts hosted on Greasy Fork (but all scripts are not on GreasyFork).

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I have noticed that the set recordings date feature of this script has stopped working. Any chance of getting it repaired, as I find it a very useful feature

You should probably explicitely ping @jesus2099 or open a new issue on github


Thanks @loujin for the link.
Thanks @ProfChris for the bug report: :slight_smile:

Could one of @moderators move this whole topic into dedicated Big script called “mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO” ?

:information_source: For the moment, the script is broken in
I am waiting for the change that has been made in beta to be deployed live before fixing the script.
More news about this bug at