New beta version - April 6 2022

After some discussion on our IRC channel, we’re going to start publishing new forum posts every time the or the main websites are updated.

The last update had multiple issues, and we want to change the situation so that we catch bugs earlier with the help of the community.
You’ve all been doing a bang up job reporting issues and giving feedback, but ideally we (the dev team) should catch them earlier.

That being said, I just updated to fix 4 issues from the last deployment:

  1. Disabled auto-conversion of ISBN10 <-> ISBN13 (see this post for the way forward)
    • please keep in mind we still have work to do for ISBN validation, formatting etc. and this update only reverts our buggy new features
  2. Fix slowness when creating/editing an Edition (see this post)
  3. Sort languages by usage frequency (as we previously did)
    • Recent changes resulted for example in having Old English and English Creoles above “English”
  4. Fix the “Add Work” button on the Edition pages (see this post)

There is also one often-requested improvement in the identifier editor: if an identifier type has been selected by the user, never automatically modify that type

Usually, we would keep these changes on for a couple of weeks to give everyone the time to test everything.
In this specific case, we are all eager to get these fixups deployed and I am happy to deploy to the main website as soon as we confirm the issues are fixed.


This is now deployed to the main website. Thanks everyone for reporting these issues !