Bug with adding a Work to an Edition

When I try to add a Work to this Edition Mad (Issue #188) (Edition) – BookBrainz by clicking on “+ Add Work”, instead of a Work I get the Author Dick DeBartolo Dick DeBartolo (Author) – BookBrainz (who is a contributor to that issue of Mad).

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 7.32.22 pm

I’m not sure if it is me or the system! I just realized that button is normally Green, so something is different.


No you’re right, if you have an edition without works the button is green and it works properly.
If there are already some existing works it looks like your pic and this definitely doesn’t work correctly.

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That is comforting information as there comes a time when I’m submitting that everything begins to look a bit loopy. Time for a break!

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Thanks for reporting, will fix it real quick!


Another issue that went past us !
Thanks again for reporting, and sorry we missed so many in the last update!

We’re working today on patching the bugs you’ve both reported in the past few days: ISBN issues, slow page when editing/creating an Edition, and this new one with the “add work” button.