Nemistade / Chris Vrenna

This edit may be wrong, isn’t it?
I can’t vote for this, but if anyone can explain to me why they voted for Yes to merge different persons i will be thankful.
My side: Chris Vrenna isn’t Nemistade
I’m missing something? Maybe I don’t understand the editor tools in MB?
I’m still learning this, please be merciful. After the merge the two, the new “Nemistade” artist shown in the site will be" Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov)" or “Nemistade (Chris Vrenna)”? I repeat: Chris Vrenna isn’t Nemistade based on the information of his official Patreon site.
May be i’m a idiot.

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Well, I don’t like this but you guys (auto-editor/voting) are in the command. I think they are explicitly not the same artist. This is Chris and this. How does his perfil in twitter and Instagram don’t mention his working on cover Doom I, II and III musics with artist name of Nemistade? There is no evidence to point this out. One is a US artist, the other one is from Russia. Compare the images. In this video we can see a glimpse of the real Nemistade. He doesn’t have tattoos, his arms have hair and the face doesn’t seem the same. Like I said before, I can’t do anything about it anymore but I think this is a huge mistake.
I hope you guys are right about this and Chris Vrenna use the artistic name Nemistade.
Nemistade make a “Doom 3 Theme Song” cover (remix) and in his youtube channel he say is a “remixer by Nemistade”, “original from Tweaker”. Tweaker is the name of the band of Chris Vrenner. So, still the entry Nemistade (Chris Vrenner)" is wrong and the right is Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov). The song “Doom 3 theme (original)” is from Tweaker. The cover version is from Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov).
Here is the correct entry from Tweaker (Doom3 Theme Song Original).


As long as at least one person votes No on the edit, it will stay open for one week, so there is more time to investigate this. I haven’t been able to look at it super-closely today because I’ve been away from my main computer all day long, but I’ll definitely do some detective work on this and figure out what the truth of the situation is later.


I think you are misunderstanding the edit. It is editing two ‘Nemistade’ artists. The Chris Vrenna artist is not being changed or merged :+1:

One has a disambiguation that says ‘Chris Vrenna’, but that seems to be wrong.

This is what I am saying. The proposition is to merge the two and I can’t agree. The purpose of disambiguation isn’t to differentiate two or more artists (or group or album) with the same name? Because when a user like me is typing “Nemist…” Nemistade (Chris Vrenna) is showing up and this can lead to mistakes if i don’t know the real name of the artist. To resume they can’t be merged and “Nemistade (Chris Vrenna)” has to be deleted. This entry has nothing to do with the disambiguation, but makes real sense in the credits of the recording.

And what happens when the two are merged? Will “Nemistade (Chris Vrenna)” or “Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov)” show up? That is my doubt.

Because “Nemistade (Chris Vrenna)” is being merged into “Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov)”, the (Chris Vrenna) artist will cease to exist, so it should be all good.

This does what you want I think - gets rid of the Chris Vrenna version in the search results. We try never to delete, we merge instead, so links don’t break.


Now i understand. Thanks for the clarification. Like i said before i am newer in this.