Nemistade edit vote

This edit may be wrong, isn’t it?
I can’t vote for this, but if anyone can explain to me why they voted for Yes to merge different persons i will be thankful.
My side: Chris Vrenna isn’t Nemistade
I’m missing something? Maybe I don’t understand the editor tools in MB?
I’m still learning this, please be merciful. After the merge the two, the new “Nemistade” artist shown in the site will be" Nemistade (Evgenii Makarov)" or “Nemistade (Chris Vrenna)”? I repeat: Chris Vrenna isn’t Nemistade based on the information of his official Patreon site.
May be i’m a idiot.

P.S: after recommendation i create this post here (official)

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Good catch! I think a few of us are investigating right now, but merging artists can be a big change that causes a big mess if done incorrectly, so it’s good that you brought this to the community’s attention. Good job! :+1:

Did you know that there’s actually a thread dedicated to asking editors to look at, investigate, and vote on, edits? It’s right here, and you can post in that thread in the future for cases like this, if you want to bring other edits to our attention.

Happy editing! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i’m sorry to post in the wrong area. I will remember in the future.

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And I forgot something. I bought his music in the Google Store years ago. And he is a well known youtuber too. In his channel there is a link to his patreon. Maybe this will help you guys to decide.

for what it’s worth, I think a new thread would be better for this kind of post, that way it might get more attention from the wider community. posting in that thread might get the attention of more experienced auto-editors though, so it’s fine either way~

welcome to MusicBrainz!~