Need help with album art type

not sure what each part of the of the cover art type all my uploads are can any one help me out iv got the front, back, spine, medium and try but dont know what the rest are

and what is the Packaging?

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The plastic bits will be “tray”

The rest of it I tend to tick “booklet” if there are words on it.

It may also be worth adding one shot from the camera showing the package as a whole. Set to “other”. Kinda like your first photo here, but without the background clutter.

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This release package (not set) should be set as digipak.

You mean these?

IMO liner:

A liner is a protective sleeve surrounding a medium (usually a vinyl record, but sometimes a CD), often printed with notes or images.

The term is also used to denominate the outermost cardboard covering of a record, i.e. the record jacket or album jacket .

Looks like a variation of a Digipak to me:

I usually use Other when some part of the cover art doesn’t fit the existing categories.



thanks guys ill fix them up