"Native" composers credits from digital stores


You know, recently i discovered an interesting thing… Probably it wont be a news to you, but it was almost “shock” to me.

Most of my “MB” time is spent on finding exact composers for tracks where this information is not present or uknown at all. So if i found an information source, i am adding a release then. 99% of my edits are about production music, which almost not present on MB at all.

Until recent time i have got music files from any source i could find: torrents, filesharing hosts, social nets and etc. Mostly they had only album and artist tags. But sometime ago i formed a subscription on tidal service and started to download “official releases”.

And some days ago i noticed that releases from tidal already have composers fields filled! Yes, its not filled on all releases and labels, but quite much anyway - at least on that 1Tb music i have already downloaded.

And this “revelation” leads me to some thoughts…

  1. I feel myself a bit stupid - i searched for information sources, manually filled tracklists, etc, while i could simply add them through Picard with ready credits.

  2. Is it possible that digital stores evolute and now they offer albums with credits while before they not?

  3. Now i have a situation with 2 infomation sources:

  • Releases i have already added to MB based on my information sources
  • Downloaded tidal albums with embedded metadata
    Is there any (probably - quick) way to compare this sources to find differences? I know i could match all albums to MB data and then compare them with untagged ones through mp3tag tool or may be do metadata export as text files and compare them, but this is still seems to me as a large amount of work. What do you think? Or should i do this at all (feel myself a bit confused)?

And also i suppose that digital stores dont rely in any way on MB to retrieve metadata? So i suppose its an impossible case when there was no metadata at all, then i have added a release on MB and after some time stores started to offer albums with that metadata.

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Give it a try - if you lookup your untagged tracks in Picard they should match to what you’ve added to MB, and hopefully any that have disagreeing info in the composer field will show up yellow/red instead of green.

Then you can have a closer look at those. Shouldn’t be too time-consuming? Hopefully.

I don’t have any other answers to your questions… Though if you find mis-matches in the above process I guess the info wasn’t taken from MB (which is unlikely imo, a online store like that would be a massive user and I feel like we would have heard about them doing it).

P.s. good on Tidal for including useful tags… I don’t expect that from download sites either haha

Thanks, @aerozol. Probably i will eventually redo (rematch) them and now will check existing tags vs MB ones. Dunno what to do if they would differ though. So far i just mark them in my todo list to “check later”.

Also noticed that it would be nice if Picard could compare tag fields not directly “string-to-sting”, but part of string to part of string. Example:
“Composer A; Composer B”
“Composer B; Composer A”
Technically they are the same people just differently ordered. “;” just a separator here.

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Em… @jesus2099, i see a second time in this thread, that you deleted your post. You wanted to say something or this is just some forum technical thing?