(post deleted by author)

Ha ha, hmm, well.
Sometimes I post too fast, then I find the answer myself.

If I think the post can still be interesting, I edit it to show what I found.

But when I feel my post is dumb, bogus, cluttering, boring, aggressive, useless for the topic, etc., then I delete my post.

When you delete your post with the IMG_20220615_074518 trash bin icon, it will show this text for 24 hours (I don’t remember the exact grace period):

(post deleted by author)

During this grace period, anyone can see the content of the deleted post, by clicking the IMG_20220615_073624 history pencil icon.

During the grace period, you can restore your post, cancel its deletion, by clicking the IMG_20220615_074345 rotating arrow icon.


Ah also, when you delete the first post (OP) of your new topic, in addition to this message, the topic will be locked during the grace period, then the topic itself will be deleted, in the end.