MusicBrainz Web Homepage 2021

The scrolling covers: Two questions. Why are the images out of focus? And they don’t seem to be clickable any more? I often click on the cover images here and at Discogs as part of discovery of something new.


Also, but I know this is just a prototype, their alt attribute should be the release and artist names rather than Alt text. :wink:


Am I the only one finding that “Explore Us” sounds a little weird ? “Our other projects” would sound better or something along those lines…


For some reason the first time I was checking the page I didn’t even notice that you can also scroll the page, oops! :rofl: I guess I got spoiled by the current layout as it contains everything I need from the usability standpoint.

As other commenters have pointed out, I agree that most of the stuff that you scroll into is more suited for an “About Us” page instead of being on the main page.

In addition to my previous post, now I can see that the link to “Style Guidelines” is also present on the main page, however now it’s located in the footer. I can’t imagine myself scrolling to the bottom of the page every time I want to check it out (instead of having it alongside other useful menu entries at the top like it is currently). It also opens a new tab now, which I don’t think it should be doing. I’d like to have the control to decide which page should be opened in a new tab instead of being forced into this behavior by the site.

I am aware that this redesign is aimed mainly to attract new users (and I am totally on board with this as I also think the current design is very dated), however also I want to ensure that functionality-wise there will be nothing lost in the process.

Lastly, I like the cover arts present on the main page as it gives the page a “live” look, but the fact that it automatically shuffles around makes it really distracting.

Edit: Strikethrough. I just realized that “Style Guidelines” link is also currently present on the live page on the right side in the section “Quick Start” so that’s probably why it was placed in the footer in the new layout. This means it’s a separate instance of this link and in fact not related to the one in the dropdown menu.


I assume this menu is for front page only. You have picked one of many reasons why it would not work as a menu once logged in. Too many editing features are missing - but this makes sense when not logged in. This page is an advert for new users, it is not for us editors to use.

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Yeah, I agree that makes sense and some stuff definitely should appear only after the user has been logged in. This is also the case for the current layout on the live site.

For comparison, in the current layout on the live site, the 2 links above the line are Log In and Create Account and they will transfer into “Username” and “My Data” dropdowns once the users logs in. For the dropdowns underneath the line, there are “About Us”, “Products”, “Search” and “Documentation” dropdowns and once the user logs in, the dropdown “Editing” will appear and slide into the 4th slot.

I have also edited my previous post to reflect the fact that the “Style Guidelines” link is also present in another instance currently on the live page, in the “Quick Start” section on the right. Funny enough I have never noticed it being there before :slight_smile:

However, in the new mockups (both the image and the new site) it looks like the user has already been logged in. I also don’t see a way to fit the missing menu entries into the single row that is there so that’s why I mentioned the missing dropdowns.

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Good point. Just noticed that. But everything up there is useless for editing, so this mock-up is surely only the front page. No conversation has been had about changing the editing pages. That menu would destroy workflow as it misses everything an editor needs. There is zero in those menus for editing and lots of space is wasted up there.

This is just the new advert home page “bring in the new people” magnet. This is redecorating the reception area to make it more welcoming.



But we have to make sure that editors can get to where they need to with minimal scrolling and minimal clicks as well. I think there’s room for it to be welcoming and also have the few links that editors need.


and ideally super fast page loads, if i’m on the tracklist page for a new release and i’m trying to figure out which artist to use for a credit, i want to be able to pop open a new tab and search in zero seconds

yes i know duckduckgo !bangs and other browser search integrations exist, but i still want a homepage with a search box that loads instantly


I think it’s good idea to have separate dashboard for editors. It’s hard to combine fancy landing page and convenient everyday-work tool

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Thank you @culinko for the amazing breakdown of your thoughts! :smiley:
I agree with the point about showcasing the blogs and am kinda working on making our own widget as a replacement/addition to the twitter widget present.
I do think the dropdowns we definitely want on the top nav can be flexible and prioritized accordingly!

I think languages, API, username are a must and we can house 2 more. And since this is a revamp, we can consider tweaking maybe a docs section and carefully adding everything there so that in case you want to head to the style guidelines, they could be accessible from there.

Again, since this is the homepage and the first impression anyone has about us, we really need to prioritize the important stuff. Let’s see more and thanks for taking this up!

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Thanks @PierPiero definitely agree to the point! :smiley:
We are working on improving the search functionalities however we won’t be taking taking them up with this UI,UX revamp rn but we sure are working on it and will update things accordingly we it’s ready!
Regarding the scrolling, we did think about it and narrowed down only the important stuff we need and with just a few more tweaks, we should be happy with the work. WIP but finalising things soon!

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this scares me a little

my fears could be assuaged with a solid plan for

  • fast page loads
  • js-blocking browser compatibility
  • what stays on the homepage and what moves to an “about” page (or similar)
  • who makes the final decisions?

basically knowing which concerns raised in this thread will be addressed, which won’t, and how/why they will/won’t, would go a long way


The final decision will be collaborative and geared towards things we discuss with the community, developers, and anyone who has an opinion of how things should go :slight_smile:
By finalizing things here, I meant regarding things from my end!

I think we have finalized the layout for the page in general. Not the content, however! I am always open to that.

Would be great to be both, but it is clear it is not being made for editors. I’ll just bookmark other pages - just be a pity to loose the blog :frowning: Hopefully that will appear elsewhere as a summary. This forum will also become even quieter now the link is down the bottom.

The page contents are stuff you read once, and then choose where to go.

I don’t understand why a language option needs to take up so much space on the menu. Isn’t that a setting that a browser requests? When someone appears with French language setting in their browser is it not better to just present them the French version immediately without making them make a choice?


Recently addressed your concerns regarding the link to the community forum and the blogs :slight_smile:
I personally think that solves quite the problem, do let me know if you like it!

Regarding the languages being in the settings, I think we can have a more extensive discussion for that and I am open to others jumping in and providing their thoughts on this.

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Thank you for replying to my feedback!

I’m happy that there is a Blogs & Updates widget now! It looks good but unfortunately you can’t see which blog links have been already visited before, so if you visit the main page after a longer period of time, you need to guess which mb/picard update was the last one you saw instead of knowing it straight away.

I also wanted to ask about dark mode. I know that mb’s thematic color is “orange-pink-ish”, but after switching to dark mode, only the white colors are turned into dark colors and the bright “orange-pink-ish” background stays the same, which is really hard on the eyes. Do you think there can be something done about it so it wouldn’t be that bright in the dark mode?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi to everyone who has commented on this post so far! I have recently completed the revision of the work here with the dark mode support complete and reevaluating the content that goes into the homepage based on everybody’s suggestions.

Do let me know your fresh thoughts on this. Thank you!

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I was just about to post this very point. I can’t find any direct way from this page to get to my collections, votes, edits, etc., all the pages I use routinely. I clicked on “MusicBrainz Database” in the “Explore MusicBrainz” section which got me to a documentation page about the database, but at least, from there, I was in a familiar UI.

I think I’m going to be in the same camp as IvanDobsky. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with having a flashy front page to attract new users, and I may check this page occasionally out of curiosity, but I’ll likely be bookmarking some page that I actually use on a regular basis to get where I need to be.


Fixed finally with the update on the link! :innocent: