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Good morning all,
A Musicbrainz newbie here, so please excuse any errors/duplicates this question has.
I have checked these forums but I have not been able to resolve a problem I have.
Until recently I was using the CDDB server to get artist/track info for any cd’s I was ripping.
The access to this information has been stopped.
I have tried to get the same info from Musicbrainz but here is where I am having difficulties.
What I would like to obtain is basically the track artist and track names for a particular cd using a Linux script.
I can obtain the correct MBID for any cd via the Linux shell, as per Picard.
Using the MBID I can obtain lots and lots of information, but I am obviously not relating tables correctly, and this is where I need help.

This screenshot of Picard shows the info I’m after.
Any help or pointers would be gratefully accepted.

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The following thread should answer how to get the track details on a disc ID search: