MusicBrainz App 2021 Updates

Greetings, Everyone!

2021 has been a great year for the MusicBrainz Android App. The app has received updates regularly throughout the year!

Now that we are very close to 10,000+ users on the Playstore, it is evident that the app caters to the needs of a number of users, which is wonderful!

We have plans to introduce new features, involving those of ListenBrainz and CritiqueBrainz in the app. We are confident that the app serves its purpose of introducing everyone to the MetaBrainz world very soundly.

The app now features both a light and dark mode for the users!

Notable feature updates made this year can be found at MusicBrainz App – MetaBrainz Blog

During the end of the year, we have made some remarkable technical updates to the codebase by introducing Fastlane to the app. This eases the process for the developers and allows us to make a release with the click of a button. This means now we can have a production release every month, day, or hour.

Although going strong and steady, the MusicBrainz developers would love more contributors to join in and share their knowledge with us, while we dive deep into the world of music.

Play Store: MusicBrainz – Apps on Google Play

F-Droid: MusicBrainz | F-Droid – Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Github: metabrainz/musicbrainz-android

Thank you!


This is great, thanks for your work on the app and the blog post.

About the Picard integration feature

[…] and proper documentation on its usage will be shared soon.

Just wanted to note that we have this documented from Picard’s side:


Wow, sounds great, I want to test it again!
I tried the app early this year, I don’t remember when, probably before most enhancements.

I remember it still did not help [me] in not buying duplicates while shopping, quoting @sbontrager’s comment from the current most voted MOBILE ticket, herebelow, for the record. :wink:

To be fair enough, MBS itself does not allow me this either, except if I use through the following Android funny stuff:

Which is already super good but requires quite some setup, a regular maintenance and is not well known.


I look forward to the updates coming 2022 - I still find it irksome that I cannot rate things as I go, probably one of the features I’d use the most :frowning:

Look forward to hearing about upcoming features :slight_smile:

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