Missing cover art

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Hi All

How can I make a list of releases that don’t have any cover art (sorry for my bad english)

Would it be possible to make such a list in Reports?

Thank you

What is the aim of the “no art” list? I assume this is for your own tagging? You’d need to restrict the list as just searching the whole database for no artwork is huge and doesn’t really make sense.

For example, I am working through all my CDs scanning and then uploading them. I have all my CDs in MB as a Collection. To help me know which ones are missing artwork I will use this userscript to Display cover Artwork: Display cover arts in MusicBrainz pages: “mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS”

This is brilliant addition that displays the art when it is there. Combined with having a “MB collection”, it gives me a set of pages showing all the artwork as thumbnails. Really very handy for spotting those that have no artwork yet.

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Hi Ivan

Ty for your answer

The aim is… trying to find the cover art that is still missing on MB
On report there are so many lists but there is no list like Missing Cover Art.

What slightly concerns me is how you think you can find all the missing cover art. Don’t forget - artwork must be an exact match of that version of that Release. Look like the actual package. Especially the rear covers. This is something you can do with your own collection as you have that physical media in hand.

Artwork at MB is not just here for tagging. There are editors are incorrectly put any generic image on to a Release. This is wrong. I would be concerned that a “report of missing artwork” would lead to more errors like this.


Hi Ivan

First of all… sorry for my English I will try to explain:

It seems to me that a lot of people will add an release but they don’t add the cover art.
When I add the cover art I look at the Label, Cat. No: and the medium, and the Barcode, then and only then I wil add the cover art.

My edits are always checked by different people and no one vote no for those edits

So I was thinking why is there no list of missing cover art. If you look at reports, there are reports about everything but no missing cover art.

Before I do anything al I always check on different websites.

ps. I don’t think I can find all of the artwork :slight_smile: I wish :slight_smile:


I think there’s no report for releases without cover art because there are far too many of them: More than 50% of the releases on MB have no cover art.. Such a report would have to list more than a million releases, which is way more than all the other reports.


Ty Kellnerd have a nice day