Merging two release groups

Hi, I can not seem to find the right way to add this release into the right release group.

I wand this

to be part of this

Thank you very much

Sam Murdock

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Here’s how to merge the two release groups:

(I haven’t done it so you can do it)
After you’ve entered the edit to merge them, you will have to wait a week for the edit to go through.
This is to give others time to have a look at your edit and leave notes and check for mistakes (teamwork!)
You can see open edits by clicking ‘open edits’ on an artist/release/editor/recording page, which will give you something like:

I see you’ve merged all the releases here:
Which I assume is by accident? Left a note there as well.

Hope that helps!
Any other questions just ask, thanks for your edits :slight_smile:


@aerozol: Nice Ani-Gif! How do you create it?