Record animated GIFs


So good! (would PM if I could but instead…) what program do you use to make a gif like that @outsidecontext ?

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I was not really asked for it but I use LICEcap after having tested lots and lots of those animated gif capture programs.
I also use GIMP (not very convenient for animated gif but free) if I need to adjust pauses on some frames. Here this gif could use a big pause on the last frame. :wink:
I also use Sizer to make my application window the exact desired size (gadget).
And by the way I am also interested to know which one @outsidecontext did use as well! :smiley_cat:


Yes, LICEcap is what I would recommend, too, if you use Mac or Windows. In this case though I used my own little tool Peek on Linux, which is basically a frontend to ffmpeg + imagemagick (at least for now). Has still some quirks, but works for me :smiley:


So we have a tool for each OS! :slight_smile:
And wait? Peek is written by no other than @outsidecontext himself! :clap::smiley: