Matrix Room not available?

Hey, i wanted to join but it seems its invite only? Is someone from the team admin in that group or is it a random room?

I found as well with nearly no communication happening at all.

In the forum i found this thread Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2024-01-22 where it is mentioned.
Is there something happening? Is there a metabrainz space collecting some rooms?

Since yesterday there are and . Both are bridged to the corresponding IRC chat.

Everything before was purely experimental and meant for testing only.


It seems i have found exactly the worst/best time to look up a channel :smiley: Probably the user in the in the channel should be asked if he is so kind to release the adress so it can be added to the official room.

Did you guys set up a space to collect the rooms together? Iā€™m happy to help out, if you like/want.

I think @lucifer is the one to ask :slight_smile:

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