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It is possible to link a release or a song to a lyric site? I found this:

or this

But I can’t link from musicbrainz to lyricwiki. The other direction work? It is a problem with the licences? I would appreciate any help or info about it. It is any other alternative to link a song/release to a external site with the lyrics?


You can link from MusicBrainz works to Lyric Wiki songs using the lyrics page relationship, see e.g. Song “Mercy” - MusicBrainz

You can also link MusicBrainz release groups to Lyrics Wiki, e.g.

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And you can link to that MusicBrainz artist ↑ as well, FWIW. :wink:

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You may know this already, but it should be noted that works are different from recordings. While recordings are automatically created when adding a release, works need to be added manually and linked to respective recordings in order for you to link their lyrics pages.

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I am brainstorming a solution to tag lyrics and view lyrics Quod Libet using MusicBrainz.

In MusicBrains, why not link recordings to lyrics?

For example Prince: I feel for you
has a link to a Lyricist and Composer but no link to Lyrics …

Firthermore, lyrics.wikia page points to MusicBrainz recording (not work):

This seems quite strange.

People rarely create a work to link to a recording (how many of them do you have?).
The result is that Lyrics are not tagged,
Picard does not get aware and tagging lyrics becomes a mess…

The lyricist and composer are on the work as well.

A fair amount, but not as many as we’d like (so we’d like them to do it more often!). The solution is definitely not to duplicate the lyrics links on every recording of every song though, but to link the works to those recordings (automatically adding all the work data to them, like the previously mentioned composer and lyricist).

I quite doubt making people add the lyrics to the recordings (which is the same amount of work, because you have to enter the info once per recording anyway) will make them add more lyrics links. Fact is, adding lyrics links is a pain, because you need to add one link per song in whatever way you do it (and that takes ages). Not sure that’s avoidable though.


LyricsWiki offers reliable lyrics.

There should be a wizard in MusicBrainz to detect LyricsWiki based on their data as regards MusicBrainz. I still believe that works are the wrong place to store lyrics, as no Lyrics service the world offers lyrics linked to works. Lyrics are always linked to albums, i.e. releases or group of releases.

If they have a way to get lyrics from recording or release MBIDs, that sounds like a Picard plugin could get them?

a) It seems fairly straightforward that the right place to store lyrics is the same place where you store the lyricist data.

b) They won’t be linked to works because I assume most don’t have the concept of works, but do they have a new, separate page for the lyrics of a song if it re-appears in a live album? If they don’t (and most lyrics sites I’ve seen don’t, they’ll just have artist-name-song-title.html or the like), then they’re closer to storing them at the “work” level than the “recording” level.


LyricsWikia has an entry for a live version of the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”; where the live version has a completely different first verse. It also has entries for 35 different cover versions of the song. Most of these pages are linked to their corresponding Musicbrainz recordings.
I think it’s a good idea to have a recording-URL relationship for lyrics pages. I’m surprised there’s not more demand for this (is there a ticket? I couldn’t find one).

In theory, if the lyrics are different (like, seriously different, maybe not if they just switched one word), that should be a new derived work anyway… this one seems different enough to me.